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"How to Work With Me"

12 June 2022

Here is How to Work WIth Raf, back in May 2022.

You can learn more about me in the work context, and at the bottom create your own document.

Below I have left some retrospective notes on the importance of this document.

May it help you be aware and stand up for who you are.

Working well is subjective and varies from career to career, person to person, and expectations to achievements.

After some pretty strange consultations, just in terms of expectations to match, I found it essential to take a step back and surround myself in my network with people I could trust.

Who I come before my pixels. The design decisions that impact the business go after me as a person. I promised myself to make this clear. I don't want to compromise with myself unconsciously, A+ or nothing.


I recreated in Craft and took inspiration from Lily Konings for this document.


how you do anything is how you do everything